Everyone   Everywhere   Every Week

Do you want to show your concern about the climate in a simple and peaceful way?

Now you can, with #SitForClimate, a regular inclusive action that breaks no laws and causes no disruption.

#SitForClimate is happening every Saturday at 11am for up to 10 minutes. It’s for everyone who’s worried about the climate crisis and wants governments and businesses to take urgent action about it. We can demonstrate our feelings together at the same moment.  Everyone can join in, everywhere, every week.

It’s easy, here’s how …

1. MAKE A SIGN – any size, which says #SitForClimate  OR  download this picture here to show on your phone. If you want, you can add more words to your sign to explain why you are sitting down. It’s up to you. 

2. DECIDE WHERE TO SIT – anywhere you choose or wherever you happen to be. The more public the place, the more impact you will have and the more people who will sit with us next time. Sit on your own, or with family or friends. Sit with your kids or sit with your Gran. You can sit on the ground, on the floor, on a park bench or on a bicycle. You can sit in the street, in a shop, in a field or even in your garden. Use your imagination and stay safe.

3. SIT DOWN –  On any or every Saturday at 11am, just sit down and hold your sign or your phone  so that everyone can see your message. Stay there for up to ten minutes.  You can engage with the public or you can remain silent.

Afterwards you could upload a photo to social media (add the hashtag #sitforclimate) … and share your concern with the world.

It might feel a bit weird and uncomfortable to start with. But we can’t fix the climate crisis unless we move out of our comfort zone, and starting to do something about things which worry us can make a big difference to how we feel.  It might even be exhilarating.

Certainly other people will be curious, but most of them will be supportive. A few might be hostile – because some people prefer not to be reminded about problems.  If you are at all worried about negative reactions, sit close to a friend or in a place where there are plenty of people. If you are challenged, you can quietly explain that you are only going to be sitting there for 10 minutes. Discussions are great, but try to avoid arguments. Remember  – you have a perfect right to sit down quietly and peacefully for 10 minutes demonstrating your feelings.

Who is organising this and why?

We are ordinary people worried about the climate crisis.  We demand businesses and governments take immediate action to change business as usual. If we work together we can grow this movement to be so large that it becomes unstoppable.

Please join us this Saturday at 11am.


Everyone   Everywhere   Every Week